First Post! 11/17/2008

Hello..Eleni here. Today was so freaking least nothing bad happened (except...yeah but I wont let it bother me). Uh...Mr.Buhl's class was really boring today, and his clock necklace didn't even work >:O so I still had to look over when recess was almost near. But Mrs.O's was even MORE boring...I hate math. Some of (most of it) it we don't even get to use in life most of the time! Mr.Chaffey's past quickly, and I was relieved to hear that finals are on Wednesday. But we had the faith family's was sooooooo SO, so, so boring. All I did was write "I am thankful for life and friends" and didn't even bother to color it, becuase SOMEBODY (Avery...) was bothering me so much! It was funny though...I was trying my best not to crack up at his catchy insults...he's so cruel, really. you remember when you were young and like your parents (Aunt and grandparents in my case) teased you by asking you if you wanted clothes for Christmas, and you always said "Ew, NO!!" and wanted toys instead? that I'm older, I actually really want clothes rather than toys...haha.
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