Welcome Penguins! Enjoy our Site!

I'm happy you got to visit our site. But don't post any bad comments right now because we are still working on this site. I am Bling, (a.k.a. Sweetgirlluv) and my little sister who is also part of this site is Bubbles, (a.k.a. Eleni4ever). Welcome to our website!! If you would like to join, message me on my YouTube!
(CpPunk5). But to only join, you have to be part of our group on CP.

Hello Club Penguin Lovers! Sorry It's been so long that I hadn't updated
anything new yet. :] I'm having a Valentines party this weekend on:
When: Saturday, February 7, 2009.
Where: My igloo on map on the server Ice Palace.
Time: 12-3pm.
Be there as soon as possible! Bring friends. Theme is Pink, Red, and White!
Waddle on!
~ Bling *Sweetgirlluv

I'm Back!

Yay! It's Sweetgirlluv, I am back at updating the site! I haven't been on in a few months because I am really lazy. I will be updating this once a week!(: